I am back

It has been a while since I have written on my blog, not because I don't have the time because I got lots of that. Sometimes I just have to be in a certain mindframe to write. I have been feeling reflective and thankful recently about lots of different things. One being how far I … Continue reading I am back

In Limbo

So I made the decision to give up work and focus on my mental health a few weeks ago now. I have slept loads, struggled to leave the house, cleaned my flat more than is needed. I have had a couple girls nights out which I feel I needed. I was always so hung up … Continue reading In Limbo


I am going to talk about something that I have been very open about, yet normally remain tight lipped about too. It is not that I am embarrassed by my struggles I have had in the past, but I would say it is more so I worked for social bite for a long time and … Continue reading Homeless

Am I invisible?

Am I invisible? Why do I often feel that way to some? I feel I have to write this post as more of a rant. Yesterday I seen an amazing doctor. She was patient, empathetic and kind to me. She listened to how I felt and asked lots of questions to get a better understanding. … Continue reading Am I invisible?


It sometimes feels like I will never get a break. A break from my own thoughts. A mind that does not know how to be chill or relax. For the last few weeks I have been feeling lets say not so my bright bubbly self. I have mentioned before that the holiday season is never … Continue reading Relapse

Cabin fever

I feel in limbo at the moment. Confused by what day it is or the time. I am so glad that the festivities are all over and done with. For me it is the hardest to deal with. I don't have that close family or massive group of friends who want to go out and … Continue reading Cabin fever


Dating with mental health and how you deal with it. Do you struggle to date people? Do you bail at the last minute? Do you trust easy and get hurt even easier? Or do you hold a wall so high no one has a chance of getting over it? Well I hear you. Dating whilst … Continue reading Dating