Am I invisible?

Am I invisible? Why do I often feel that way to some? I feel I have to write this post as more of a rant. Yesterday I seen an amazing doctor. She was patient, empathetic and kind to me. She listened to how I felt and asked lots of questions to get a better understanding.… Continue reading Am I invisible?



It sometimes feels like I will never get a break. A break from my own thoughts. A mind that does not know how to be chill or relax. For the last few weeks I have been feeling lets say not so my bright bubbly self. I have mentioned before that the holiday season is never… Continue reading Relapse

Cabin fever

I feel in limbo at the moment. Confused by what day it is or the time. I am so glad that the festivities are all over and done with. For me it is the hardest to deal with. I don't have that close family or massive group of friends who want to go out and… Continue reading Cabin fever


Dating with mental health and how you deal with it. Do you struggle to date people? Do you bail at the last minute? Do you trust easy and get hurt even easier? Or do you hold a wall so high no one has a chance of getting over it? Well I hear you. Dating whilst… Continue reading Dating

I call it as it is

Christmas As I am sitting writing this I am currently sat like a pig rolled in a blanket feeling I went too far with the eating today. No diets start in December though do they...? Or in my case at all. I wanted to write something about this time of year and the expectations vs… Continue reading I call it as it is

Tis the season and all…

So the festive season is in full swing huh. Typically this is never the best time of year for me and probably where I struggle the most. The stress and expense can be to much at Christmas, and add mental health in the mix this at times can be a little over baring. Friends will… Continue reading Tis the season and all…

Branching in different directions

Personal growth is something I am always striving for. I have goals and ambitions and love making lists of things to do and places to see. Life after all is about making the most of it....we only get one so we may as well live it how we want. Whilst living your best life is… Continue reading Branching in different directions