Apps, Websites and Socials

I always felt like goldfish in the big ocean when it came to knowing where to get support, help, or even a social media page to brighten up my day. So I am hoping this page will help you with all the access you need for SELF HELP or help you gain a better understanding about mental health. I have attached apps I find helpful too.

I am open to people contacting me with ones they feel helped them for me to add, as I won’t know them all. I will keep updating this as I go along.

  • Moodjuice
  • Health In Mind
  • Feeling Good App
  • Instagram follow – Project I Define Me
  • Instagram follow- Things made by zulaikha
  • Instagram follow- Self love liv ( This girl is just a normal girl who is so inspiring)
  • Instagram follow – Daddy_dilemmas ( A normal father from Glasgow sharing his story I find inspiring )
  • Instagram follow- Hihuddle
  • Instagram follow- journey_to_wellness ( This is one of my FAVVVVV pages )