Branching in different directions

Personal growth is something I am always striving for. I have goals and ambitions and love making lists of things to do and places to see. Life after all is about making the most of it….we only get one so we may as well live it how we want.

Whilst living your best life is all good and well, sometimes this also means that you notice those around you do not have the same drive and outlooks as you. It is not like you are better than anyone else it is just you are heading in a different direction to them.

Being in my 20’s even if I hate to admit it the later end of the 20’s, I find can be the most influential ages to shape my future. The people that surround us can make all the difference in reaching or preventing our full potentials.

I have outgrown family and there unrealistic expectations of me and the fact they can’t accept or support me. I have outgrown men who can not handle my intelligence and outspoken nature. I have outgrown people who cannot celebrate my accomplishments. I have outgrown people who conveniently  disappear when the going gets tough. I have outgrown fake friendships who weigh me down than lift me up.

I went through a stage for weeks of noticing changes in friendships and felt guilty I was heading in a different direction to them. I was holding onto them for the fear of feeling alone. I realised that holding back only made it more difficult on myself. There is nothing negative about it, it is self growth. Sometimes people expect you to stay the same because it is comfortable. I have had people say I have changed and my reply is well I hope so. If you can’t grow together you will grow apart simple as.

As I embark on a new journey I have taken up hobbies I enjoy without having to miss out on things because it didn’t fit my social circle. I may loose people as I grow up but that is ok. There are billions of people in this world for you to make new connections and friends with. It is all part of learning about yourself. I can honestly say making these changes and admitting I have outgrown friendships and family members that I feel a weight lifted.


As you become clearer of your patterns,wants and needs you may notice that certain relationships no longer serve you. it is called growth. It is okay for you to outgrow situations if they are not in alignment with what you need.



2 thoughts on “Branching in different directions

  1. I can relate alot to the family and there expectations, I have also started putting myself first and saying no! To families expectations. It was a must to move forward.


    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I agree sometimes you need to put yourself first. Even if it is family they shouldnt be treated differently because they are family. Removing people who bring negativity is key to happiness.


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