My advice on mental health

What advice would I give to someone who is suffering from mental health?

Firstly I would say mental health doesn’t define the beautiful person you are. No matter how many people feel they can label you, you are your own unique person always remember that.

Secondly I would say don’t fight against how you are feeling. Allow yourself to feel things and again this might not work or be good for everyone but I always get told when I’m in a bad way, oh you should get out for some fresh air it will do you the world of good. I would then think okay sure I’ll push myself out and this only resulted in more anxiety and panic attacks in public and ending up back in the house without that pint of milk I set out to get from the shops. So give yourself the time you need to recover allow yourself for once to sleep the day away if that’s what your body needs. Allow yourself to cry and feel the emotions you normally are so numb to feel. Don’t push yourself to do anything that will make you feel worse.

I promise this storm will pass and you will see sunshine at the end of this storm. I know it may not seem like you will feel happy again and that’s normal we all get those feelings. However you will get through this. Allow friends and family and anyone else you need to support you. Self care is very important if that is just a nice 15 minute bath with bubbles, a quick 5 minute cuppa tea or anything that allows you to take care of yourself how you feel best.




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